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Kinesiology uses gentle muscle testing to identify imbalances and the most appropriate remedy. Said to be the fastest growing therapy in the UK, it is particularly powerful where there is a range of seemingly unconnected symptoms that defy conventional analysis.

Kinesiology is particularly effective in dealing with digestive disorders, helping identify food sensitivities and their underlying causes.

On this website you will find indepth analysis of the causes of many of the ailments we are prone to, as well as how to deal with them using Kinesiology.

There is also a section on ‘Quantum K’, the groundbreaking new system based on kinesiology principles that you use at home to support the health of you and your family. You simply read the manual and absorb its healing potential.

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1 - Parasites
2 - Candida Albicans
3 - Mercury (amalgam) Fillings
4 - The Menopause
5 - De-toxing the 21st century

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